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Connecting via a Landline

Connecting via a Landline is much simpler than the DreamPi method, however it requires a real Landline and isn't as stable as DreamPi due to the nature of modern phone networks.

To begin connecting via a Landline, make sure your WebTV box is trying to dial toll free, instead of dialing a local number. You can check by powering on the WebTV with the phone line unplugged, and look at what it's dialing. If it says "Dialing toll free", you're good to go.

If not, make sure your WebTV box is off, but plugged in. On the remote or keyboard, type "32768" (If you're using the remote, make sure it's set to "WebTV" or "Numbers" instead of "TV" or "Channel"). The lights on the WebTV box should blink. Double check that it's now dialing toll free, then repeat the above instructions, but type "77437" instead.

When you power on the WebTV, you should be brought to "Obscure dialing options" or "Spooky dialing options".

In the "800 Access" field, type "4848201337" and hit "Connect". Your WebTV will begin dialing, and you'll be connected to WebTV Redialed. Once your WebTV is dialing the number you typed whenever you turn it on, you won't have to type it again.