WebTV Redialed




With WebTV Redialed, we allow ads for smaller projects to be run, which will be randomly picked from all current ads to be shown to all our users on their home pages. However, there are a few guidelines you need to follow for your ad to be accepted.

#1: Your ad must be well designed

Your ad will be shown to all our users, so it has to be somewhat high quality. Your ad must be 166x190, and a JPEG or GIF under 10kb (although lower is better). If you'd like to use a standard background, the default one is below, although using it isn't required.

#2: Your ad must be appropriate

Your ad must be appropriate for all ages. This means no vulgar language or other inappropriate content.

#3: Your ad must have an associated web site

If you ad is on WebTV Redialed, it'll need a URL that users can go to for more information. You don't have to create an entire web site for your ad to be accepted, but you do need to have at least one page giving more information about your project that loads fast on WebTV (Under 30 seconds on a box over dial-up, not including images). It also has to look nice on WebTV, you can use a standard text page, or a page with images, but formatting issues will cause your ad to be rejected. To make a page that works in WebTV, you can use FrontPage 2003 and the viewer, or manually write a simple page.

Once you think your ad is ready, you can e-mail it to us for approval at advertising@webtv.zone.

WebTV Redialed is a fan project, and is in no way affiliated with Microsoft.